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Using only 10% of your brain is a myth. Do you know what happens when 100% of the brain is used all at once? Epileptic seizures.

Also, I have a huge problem with having the protagonist who lives in Taipei be white and having the antagonists be Asian or other POC.

And Rhinocephalus Is An Extinct Genus Of Prehistoric Bony Fish

Classes have started again and I am back to staying in on the weekends to work on work. From my readings:

The term [rhinencephalon] was firstly used by Saint-Hillarie [sic] to name a one-eyed monster.

— Roxo et al, "The limbic system conception and its historical evolution"

I giggled because I am a child. However, Isidore Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire actually studied extensively abnormalities in physiological development and he actually looked at the congenital disorder cyclopia. (Don’t click unless you want to see grotesque physical malformations.) Rhinencephala are those born with a specific form of cyclopia, rhinencephaly, which is characterized by a proboscis protruding from the head. (See previous click warning.) Rhinencephaly can be present with edocephaly, which roughly translates to genital-like head, because the proboscis from either actually looks like a penis stitched on a head. But edocephaly is a type of otocephaly, which is a (lethal) cephalic disorder of the lower jaw, while rhinencephaly is a type of arhinencephaly, which is a (lethal) cephalic disorder of the nose.

The prefix rhin- means of the nose. (See also: Etymology of rhinoceros.) The proboscis in rhinencephaly is a nasal malformation. Arhinencephaly is the congenital absence of the olfactory system. And if you’re not confused enough, the rhinencephalon is now the part of the brain concerned with olfactory functions, arhinencephaly is now called holoprosencephaly, and cyclopia is a type of holoprosencephaly known as alobar holoprosencephaly.

But rhinencephaly is still rhinencephaly, so at least something consistent.

And I still found a reference to the penis.

(I am a child.)