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I’ve started to watch this show Almost Human and it’s kinda awesome, but it’s science fiction and already 15 minutes in there is unexplained new technology and I foresee so much yelling at the screen because I just can’t deal with wrongness. There’s DNA computing so DNA can be considered a programming language and then there’s programming DNA to build new structures so DNA can also be considered engineering material. But DNA is both. For proof, take a selfie, post it #nofilter on Instagram, tag it #selfmodulatingmolecularinformationrepresent, and welcome yourself to the club of All Lifeforms On Earth.

So saying “programmable DNA” is redundant in the same way that saying “period of time” is redundant, and maybe 35 years in the fictional future, this will be a thing. But it feels misleading because it implies that there is DNA that is not programmable. Yeah, no. But you can say “programmed DNA” because that’s what genes are. You can also say that in this future fiction “programmable DNA” is an industry term. At least then it’s not bad science communication. Then it’s just science fiction. As it was meant to be in the first place.

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The MIT Media Lab created Immersion, a visualization of your Gmail life using the metadata from your emails. You can see how your email relationships evolve over time, varying the amount of people and connections you want to see.

The above is my Immersion chart for the entire length of time I have been using my current Gmail account as the primary one. Connections are maximized. The person count, however, is very low; it is as high as it can get without having names disappear from the chart.

Family is in the upper right in orange. At the bottom in green are coworkers from a previous job at an independent board game company. The red in the center are coworkers from a current job at a web application startup. The blue in the upper left are people I worked with in an LGBTQ reading group. The blue in the lower left is a couple I briefly had relations with a few years ago. The rest are various friends and paramours, classmates and professors.

If you are surprised that you are not on the chart, it’s because I delete emails that are invitations and planning for events. If you are surprised that you are on the chart, it’s because email is not my main method of communication for anything other than group correspondence or very important matters, so the exchange of just several conversational emails will show up here.

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